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RTD Era Companion Alphabet (inspired by x)


Get to know me meme - [1/5] favourite movies - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

No, Hermione, I’m not. Facing this stuff in real life is not like school. In school, if you make a mistake you can just try again tomorrow, but out there, when you’re a second away from being murdered or watching a friend die right before your eyes… you don’t know what that’s like.


endless list of favourite characters: martha jones

"I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good."

Track Title: Tell Me A Lie

Artist: One Direction

Album: Up All Night (Yearbook Edition)


I know I’m just wantonly reblogging all these tracks but this is legit one of my favorite 1d songs and probably pop songs ever cool cool


this is what happiness looks like


this is what happiness looks like

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